Monday, 14 May 2012

Manchester City wins English Premier League title for first time in 44 years

Manchester. The win ended a 44-year drought. It became a historical win. Manchester City England Premier League title was won 44 years later. Queens Park Rangers (Kyupiar) 3.2 goal in overtime to win the title used by the City. West at 3.2 Bromic beat Arsenal to third place team. Sergio Agüero goal in the final moments of Maredona Dagkr year old son-in-waiting was over. About a minute before the match was over, Adin Jaco by Agüero to return to the club's history turned into the most important goal. The goal was to win Abiswsiny skipped excited audience to their seats and began to kiss each other. Manchester City fans took to the streets and in the party were drowned. Manchester City had extra time before going back to 2.1 and to win the title two goals in extra time was required. Meanwhile, United's team beat Sunderland was 1.0 to two goals or if the City does not the title that he gets out of hand. Manchester City and Manchester United both teams before Sunday's match was tied with 86 points, goal difference but United on the edge of the city was based.

Manchester United's Wayne Rooney had scored in the match against Sunderland. Seemed to be the title to United, but the game was overturned last minute. Manchester City's match was the first goal in the 39th minute. But Jibril cissy 48 th minute the match was scored by stain. Joe Burton from the Kyupiar due to the match clashed with Carlos Tevej been out but with 10 players from Kyupiar Jamie Mackay on the 66 th minute lead the team. 1.2 The Manchester City fans were in tears had come up short. They had recognized that the win by two goals may not be possible. But Jaco Adin and Sergio Agüero's team and the game turned out to be a hero. Coach Roberto Mancini got too crazy with joy. Mancini said after the win - it's incredible victory. I have not seen the last chance to win the title. The victory came 44 years later, I am dedicated to all the supporters. Two decades in the history of the league season was the most interesting of the nine-month fluctuation in the last minute it could be judged to be the winner of the title.

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