Wednesday, 13 June 2012

England and France to combat the Draw

The match was played between England and France on Monday, also ended in a draw. Prior to Sunday's match between Spain and Italy had also ended in a draw. Donbas Arena France beat England 1-1 to stay undefeated credited with stopping consistently won 22 games. England team for the match in the 30th minute took the lead. Steven Gerrard was the brilliant header put the Jelon Lescot scored the first goal for England. French goalkeeper Hugo Loris understand the first ball into the goal post. Nine minutes later, Samir Nazareth Lescot with Manchester City's superb kick from the outside by the de-France put on a level.

 England goalkeeper Joe Hart tried to prevent a goal, but the ball was far from his reach. France had a chance to increase soon. Elou Diara was a great header, but this time the Diara Hart prompt rescue efforts have failed. Six weeks ago, the team manager Roy Hodgson for England to go on to young Alex Oksled bets on the match was played, but he was not successful. Oksled inexperience of his third match coming in the way and he could not do anything special. Could lead England in the 15th minute. Ashley Young and James Milner's best to dodge the French goalkeeper, the ball toward the goalposts, but the shot hit the side of the net. France retained the long ball in the match, but Johann Kabaye, Frank and Karim Benjema Ribri second goal as the Giants could not.

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