Friday, 29 June 2012

Italy Beat Germany to Reach Final

Warsaw [Poland]. Mario Baloteli scored two goals thanks to the former champion Italy beat Germany in the last runners entered the final of Euro Cup where he will face world champion Spain. Spain beat Portugal in the first semi-final penalty shootout came in second consecutive final.Euro Cup is the second semi-final of the forks. Baloteli striker in the first half of Italy's two goals to lead his team was thumping. 

Italy's team managed to maintain this edge. Schedule at the end of the match in injury time got their only goal scored in Germany. 21-year-old Manchester City's star striker had scored only goal against Ireland Baloteli earlier to the later games, he missed several easy chances which led to considerable criticism. But two goals in the match-winning hero once again became Dagkr. Three-time champion Germany in 2008 Euro Cup final defeat after losing the first. Earlier, he and the Euro Cup qualifying match in the 10 won in four matches.
Between the two teams had a great fight. And 20th minute through a header by Antonio Ksano Baloteli's best to cross the goal gave his team the early lead. After Germany invaded stepped bested by a goal and set about trying to match. But in the 35th minute Ricardo Montolivo Baloteli near the right c

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