Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Italy was Also Defeated Ireland 2-0

Played these matches between the two where the big exciting match Italy before the start of the two marks in the quarterfinal victory in this match to also had to ensure that Spain with hiye and not draw between Croatia.If the point of the match and then you go to show that Italian goal team goal in 35ven antaniyo be kasano 1-0 in the first half thanks to the edge was taken and substitute Mario balotelli's goal in the 90ven minute he set up lead was doubled.Four-time world champion Italy in the match, the team looked at it was completely turn So far, Ireland Prhowi match saw the team struggling.

Ireland has introduced highly dangerous but 35ven were fired on in Andre parlo's corner antaniyo of Italy's half way goal.However, two minutes before the defeat of Croatia in the group's other match was fixed.Within a few seconds to start playing Irish striker Kevin Doyel attempt was thwarted.

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