Sunday, 17 June 2012

Russia beat Greece reached the quarterfinals of Euro Cup

During Euro Cup 2012 played a crucial match here in Greece, Russia 1 -0 victory. With the win, Greece has entered the quarterfinals of the prestigious competition.In the first half of the match Greece players were in the 47th minute by karagounis gorgeous first round his team ahead of a zero. The final round of matches this goal karagounis and not a round of team Russia.

Go tell that to make the quarterfinal in Russia needed a draw but the wonderful year 2004 champion Greece its first victory in the tournament while the victory as well as the Greek team to the economic crisis facing the nation a chance to celebrate.Warsaw's National Stadium for the match played in Russia, however, dominated most of the time but his players failed to score. 62 percent of Russia's long ball game and got 15 corners. Russian players ten shots on goal, also scored for Greece, but without much success.

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