Thursday, 14 June 2012

Denmark beat Portugal 3-2 in the round varela

Portugal Euro Cup 2012 Football Championship Group B match here today to make or break the 3-2 defeat by Denmark's hopes of reaching the quarter-finals kept intact. In the 87 th minute goal against the star players Silvestre varela adorned with the brilliant Portugal won the thriller.Pepe's first goal for Portugal in the 25th minute and 36th minute of the second round in Heldn Postiga. Denmark beat Holland in the last match for the sensational goal by Niklas Bentnr 41 minutes.The star player Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal to pay the price for the mistakes of the varela not firing first goal three minutes after the match. Portugal played aggressively from the start and it paid off.

Miguel Veloso's free kick seemed to scatter the Danish defense. The Portuguese got to the corner. Beautiful header from a corner kick by Pepe Go Motinho implicated in the lattice.Postiga then make the mistake of taking advantage of the Danish defenders in the second round. Portugal's 2-0 lead, although not for too long and impressive record against rival Bentnr while retaining the round fired.This Bentnr fifth match against Portugal was the fifth round. Lars Jacobson ball in the air close to the goal mouth Bentnr Lhrayi the goal of the header. Today's game time in Portugal, Germany and Denmark are on three points.

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