Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Spain beat Croatia 1-0 in Group c Match

The current champion Spain beat Croatia in the Euro Cup thanks to goals of Jesus Nawas -2 012 has entered the quarter-finals.On Monday, the group played - 'C' 1-0 win over Croatia in Spain made it out of the tournament.Croatia hopes to qualify to the quarterfinals for the second consecutive year, landed in the match, but just two minutes before scheduled time to Nawas round his shattered all expectations.

Both teams struggled in the first half of the game re-appeared and was Golrhit scoreboard by halftime.By the time the match was invaded Spain and Croatian team could only fight back.David Silva and Andreas Inista the great efforts, but the opposition goalkeeper easily foiled his efforts.Meanwhile, Xavi Alonso struck from long range when the ball was swung away upon the goalposts all the time. Croatia's strong defenses in front of Spain lost many chances, but finally managed to break the deadlock Nawas and Spanish gave fans a chance to swing from happiness.

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