Friday, 29 June 2012

Italy Beat Germany to Reach Final

Warsaw [Poland]. Mario Baloteli scored two goals thanks to the former champion Italy beat Germany in the last runners entered the final of Euro Cup where he will face world champion Spain. Spain beat Portugal in the first semi-final penalty shootout came in second consecutive final.Euro Cup is the second semi-final of the forks. Baloteli striker in the first half of Italy's two goals to lead his team was thumping. 

Italy's team managed to maintain this edge. Schedule at the end of the match in injury time got their only goal scored in Germany. 21-year-old Manchester City's star striker had scored only goal against Ireland Baloteli earlier to the later games, he missed several easy chances which led to considerable criticism. But two goals in the match-winning hero once again became Dagkr. Three-time champion Germany in 2008 Euro Cup final defeat after losing the first. Earlier, he and the Euro Cup qualifying match in the 10 won in four matches.
Between the two teams had a great fight. And 20th minute through a header by Antonio Ksano Baloteli's best to cross the goal gave his team the early lead. After Germany invaded stepped bested by a goal and set about trying to match. But in the 35th minute Ricardo Montolivo Baloteli near the right c

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Euro 2012: Spain beat Portugal on penalties and will play the final of Euro

Barca midfielder was again scoring the decisive final penalty against Portugal, as he did against Italy in 2008 | Spain to qualify for his third consecutive final

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spain beat France 2-0

Spain, today Euro-2012 in the quarterfinals against France 2-0 to ensure its place in the semifinals beating. semifinal in Spain from Portugal ., both goals from Karim Samir jbi alonso., and stars like Frank riveri Nazarene booming adorned with a round of French team could not all efforts though.

Europe's two major teams in the first half of the match between Spain's perhaps. 19 minutes in Real Madrid's spectacular header by mid phildar jbi alonso using ball put into French and French team see the goalposts.

In the second half and also spectacular assault in 1998 due to the strong rakshapankti world champion Spain's World Cup winning French team in the second half on a penalty to heavy. fantastic round into his team's place in the semi-finals by alonson paved.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Portugal in the semifinal round thanks to Ronaldo

Ronaldo of Portugal in the 79th minute of the game by scoring his team to a 1-0 lead.Czech Republic's team could not score a goal. Thomas Rosiki absence of star players of the Czech Republic have shown an effect on team performance. Until half time before the team could not score. Portugal's semi-final clash will be the champion Spain or France.Fourth time in the history of Portugal Euro Cup 2004 semi-finalist is reached. Known that the former Portuguese team in 1984, 2000 and in 2004 was able to reach the final four. Defending champions Spain and Portugal in the semifinals on Wednesday the winner of France's taking the match to be played.

The last two games of the match after a three-goal scorer C Ronaldo told the media that we hit the goal post and created chances. I remember the last game I did it twice, and the biggest thing that these two goals are in need have been made. The Czech Republic and the performance was not good enough to play the full 90 minutes in the opposition goal posts have been only two shots but he was far from the target. Ronaldo's two goals in the first half of the lost opportunity. The 49 th minute free kick from 25 yards but the ball went out of the effort. In addition to Portugal and playing on several occasions failed.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Despite the defeat reached France in knockout

In the last league match of Group D at Euro Cup France lost to Sweden in the quarterfinals he has found a place. France after six years in an international tournament came round knock out.Sweden's Euro cup final league team beat France 2-0. However, after the defeat of the French team reached the quarterfinal. Sweden's first goal from the 54 th minute Ibrahimovik did.

Larson made the second goal two minutes Akstra time. France's team could not score a goal. France is second in Group D, the Swedish team was ranked last.After the 2006 football World Cup in France this is the first time a major international tournament the team has made its place in the knockout rounds. France will face Spain on June 23 in quarters.

England to the Ukraine in the quarterfinals

Fighting in group quarters - C runner-up Italy will be in Kiev between the counter.Sources present in the treated area after the first half and second half at the start of Golrhit Rooney gave England the lead.

Following the lead of England were relieved and was able to maintain it until the last minute. Rooney's goal against his last international goal came on after waiting for 673 minutes.Although the 71 percent match by the time the ball is in possession of Ukrainian strikers, but the decisive events orchestrated by the England players. Ukraine's England goal on 16 attempts, but none of these could not succeed. Chelsea and England defender Ashley Coe is the tremendous contribution he made many great hedge.Donetsk of Ukraine in such a way to win his first appearance on the field did not. Ukraine in the seven matches played so far, including two draws and five defeats he has suffered.

Spain beat Croatia 1-0 in Group c Match

The current champion Spain beat Croatia in the Euro Cup thanks to goals of Jesus Nawas -2 012 has entered the quarter-finals.On Monday, the group played - 'C' 1-0 win over Croatia in Spain made it out of the tournament.Croatia hopes to qualify to the quarterfinals for the second consecutive year, landed in the match, but just two minutes before scheduled time to Nawas round his shattered all expectations.

Both teams struggled in the first half of the game re-appeared and was Golrhit scoreboard by halftime.By the time the match was invaded Spain and Croatian team could only fight back.David Silva and Andreas Inista the great efforts, but the opposition goalkeeper easily foiled his efforts.Meanwhile, Xavi Alonso struck from long range when the ball was swung away upon the goalposts all the time. Croatia's strong defenses in front of Spain lost many chances, but finally managed to break the deadlock Nawas and Spanish gave fans a chance to swing from happiness.

Italy was Also Defeated Ireland 2-0

Played these matches between the two where the big exciting match Italy before the start of the two marks in the quarterfinal victory in this match to also had to ensure that Spain with hiye and not draw between Croatia.If the point of the match and then you go to show that Italian goal team goal in 35ven antaniyo be kasano 1-0 in the first half thanks to the edge was taken and substitute Mario balotelli's goal in the 90ven minute he set up lead was doubled.Four-time world champion Italy in the match, the team looked at it was completely turn So far, Ireland Prhowi match saw the team struggling.

Ireland has introduced highly dangerous but 35ven were fired on in Andre parlo's corner antaniyo of Italy's half way goal.However, two minutes before the defeat of Croatia in the group's other match was fixed.Within a few seconds to start playing Irish striker Kevin Doyel attempt was thwarted.

Holland Beat Portugal 2-1 in Euro Cup 2012

Euro Cup 2012 Cristiano Ronaldo is a very important match with the help of two superb goals to beat Portugal 2-1 Holland win the quarter-finals is made. The winning team as well as Portugal entered the quarter-finals.Portugal's team with six points, taking second place in their group. 

By half time the team was a 1-1 draw.Ronaldo Golkar won the match 74 minutes into the second and his team win. Kinidrlands tell you a goal by Rafael van der Wart.

Germany Beat Denmark to Reach Quarterfinals

Germany team Euro Cup - 2012 Group -'B' beat Denmark in their last league match is entered in the quarterfinals. Played late Sunday night against Germany defeated Denmark 2-1.
To start the game the player Lukas Podolski of Germany in the 19th minute goal gave his team an edge. By half time both teams were in a 1 -1 draw. In the meantime Germany L. Bender's second and winning goal in the 79th minute. This gave Germany beat Denmark 2 -1.

Nine points from three games while the Germans at the top of the group entered the quarter-finals.And Germany did not disappoint his fans, kept on winning.The top in Group B is now Germany. Group A runners-up team of Germany clash in the quarterfinal clash with Greece.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Russia beat Greece reached the quarterfinals of Euro Cup

During Euro Cup 2012 played a crucial match here in Greece, Russia 1 -0 victory. With the win, Greece has entered the quarterfinals of the prestigious competition.In the first half of the match Greece players were in the 47th minute by karagounis gorgeous first round his team ahead of a zero. The final round of matches this goal karagounis and not a round of team Russia.

Go tell that to make the quarterfinal in Russia needed a draw but the wonderful year 2004 champion Greece its first victory in the tournament while the victory as well as the Greek team to the economic crisis facing the nation a chance to celebrate.Warsaw's National Stadium for the match played in Russia, however, dominated most of the time but his players failed to score. 62 percent of Russia's long ball game and got 15 corners. Russian players ten shots on goal, also scored for Greece, but without much success.

Czech Republic defeated Poland

Euro Cup 2012, played a match in the Czech Republic gave Poland a 1-0 defeat. With the Czech Republic's team into the quarterfinals of the competition.Czech Republic's 72 th minute goal from the P Jirasek your team win. Poland and the Czech Republic before the half time a goal of the teams could not. Tell you that the matter of Poland Poland earlier Group A similar difference in the 1-1 draw with Greece and Russia have played.

These mini-final match against Czech Republic to Poland was like. When asked Captain Jakub Blaskovski same area of ​​Poland was admitted to himself that it's like a mini-final and most important match of recent times. " The game is strong in the case of the Czech Republic.The reviewers noted that the Czech Republic won the game after this one thing is clear that he can take the cup.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Italy to 1-1 draw against Croatia

Euro Cup Group 'C' on Thursday under the match was played between Italy and Croatia ended in a 1-1 draw. With the win, four points from two matches in Croatia and raised his hopes of reaching the quarter have been strong. Andrea Pirlo of Italy in the 39th minute goal Dagkr gave his team a 1-0 lead


The draw against the two teams - one of the points. Against Croatia in their first three points were defeated Ireland 3-1. The four points in Group C remains at the top.One of the game and Thursday's match was one of the points. In two matches thus far are the two points.

Spain beat Ireland 4-0

Star striker Fernando Torres two goals thanks to the world champion Spain Euro Cup -2 012 Group - 'C' is a victory against Ireland. On Thursday, the one-sided match played against Ireland in the 4-0 defeat by Spain. The quarter-final defeat of the Irish team is off to the races.

Torres the match in the fourth minute goal gave Spain the early lead. Torres's first goal for Spain since September 2010 was. Offensive midfielder David Silva in the 49th minute goal made it 2-0 to Spain.The opposing team's defenses were Ckate Torres in the 70th round and put his team ahead 3-0.Torres's place as a substitute in the 74th minute of the match came 82 th minute goal Cess Fabregas of Spain to a 4-0 lead. From Ireland could not score a goal. Spain dominated the match from the start was made. The United States in the group with four points on top.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Denmark beat Portugal 3-2 in the round varela

Portugal Euro Cup 2012 Football Championship Group B match here today to make or break the 3-2 defeat by Denmark's hopes of reaching the quarter-finals kept intact. In the 87 th minute goal against the star players Silvestre varela adorned with the brilliant Portugal won the thriller.Pepe's first goal for Portugal in the 25th minute and 36th minute of the second round in Heldn Postiga. Denmark beat Holland in the last match for the sensational goal by Niklas Bentnr 41 minutes.The star player Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal to pay the price for the mistakes of the varela not firing first goal three minutes after the match. Portugal played aggressively from the start and it paid off.

Miguel Veloso's free kick seemed to scatter the Danish defense. The Portuguese got to the corner. Beautiful header from a corner kick by Pepe Go Motinho implicated in the lattice.Postiga then make the mistake of taking advantage of the Danish defenders in the second round. Portugal's 2-0 lead, although not for too long and impressive record against rival Bentnr while retaining the round fired.This Bentnr fifth match against Portugal was the fifth round. Lars Jacobson ball in the air close to the goal mouth Bentnr Lhrayi the goal of the header. Today's game time in Portugal, Germany and Denmark are on three points.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

2012 Euro Cup - Poland played a draw with Russia

Jakub Bwasjikovski equaled by Poland on Tuesday played host to the goals of the group -2012 Euro Cup - a match made in Russia in a 1-1 draw. The results of the Group - A is fully open. Poland in case of victory over Russia in the quarter-final place could get a chance. Now Group - A chance for all the teams intact. Puland with the Czech Republic on Sunday to play their third match. This draws the Russian Group - A retained the top spot with four points. He had won his first match 3-1 to the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic is second with three points. Poland are two points to win the title in 2004, Greece is just a point in the account. Clash between Russian and Polish fans after the match played in a serious atmosphere, The. After the incident, the two countries more than 100 fans were arrested. Group - Greece will face Russia on Sunday in a team from the Czech Republic, while Poland faces. Who would win these matches, he will qualify for the knockout round.

England and France to combat the Draw

The match was played between England and France on Monday, also ended in a draw. Prior to Sunday's match between Spain and Italy had also ended in a draw. Donbas Arena France beat England 1-1 to stay undefeated credited with stopping consistently won 22 games. England team for the match in the 30th minute took the lead. Steven Gerrard was the brilliant header put the Jelon Lescot scored the first goal for England. French goalkeeper Hugo Loris understand the first ball into the goal post. Nine minutes later, Samir Nazareth Lescot with Manchester City's superb kick from the outside by the de-France put on a level.

 England goalkeeper Joe Hart tried to prevent a goal, but the ball was far from his reach. France had a chance to increase soon. Elou Diara was a great header, but this time the Diara Hart prompt rescue efforts have failed. Six weeks ago, the team manager Roy Hodgson for England to go on to young Alex Oksled bets on the match was played, but he was not successful. Oksled inexperience of his third match coming in the way and he could not do anything special. Could lead England in the 15th minute. Ashley Young and James Milner's best to dodge the French goalkeeper, the ball toward the goalposts, but the shot hit the side of the net. France retained the long ball in the match, but Johann Kabaye, Frank and Karim Benjema Ribri second goal as the Giants could not.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Avram Greek defender out of Euro Cup

Defender Center Avram Papadopoulos of Greece are out of Euro Cup due to injury. 27-year-old Avram played match against Poland on Friday 37 th minute to make a knee injury, sitting, after which he missed in the remaining matches.

Greece team hotel after returning Helnik Football Association [Ipiaa] Avram said that the knee injury and he will return home treatment. Greece on Tuesday to play the next match against the Czech Republic and a major setback for the player to be injured.

Gomez has charisma, wonderful goal won the hearts of the people

L'viv (Ukraine). Germany striker Mario Gomez fast paced Saturday group 2 by 012 European Championships (Euro Cup) - B has made a gift of the first win. Gomez's goal Germany beat Portugal 1-0 to help. German group wins - B top of the table is taken jointly with Denmark. Saturday's 1-0 defeat against Denmark already played for the Netherlands. Germany, on Wednesday in the Netherlands will face Portugal in the face of the team from Denmark.

 Gomez Miroslav German strategists close to the first attack today.was successful. "before the break to score a vigorous attempt to kick it closely Portugal defender Pepe was back on the crossbar.Nelson Oliveira 87 th minute goal by substitute Portugal minute effort was commendable following bested several strong attacks. Sylvester Nelson Valera had a chance but he missed.

Monday, 11 June 2012

The host of the engagement of Ukraine in Sweden today

Kiev. Euro Cup on Monday Group - D from Sweden will face Ukraine in their second outing. A Ukrainian team offensive to many problems facing the Swedish team will not be easy to overcome. Ukraine in the first match of the tournament.The team ranked 13th in FIFA rankings at that time and today the 52 th spot has slipped. Played two friendly matches for the Euro Cup preparations suffered defeat him. The embarrassing defeat to the management team as it lost two teams met Astria and Turkey, who could not qualify for the Euro Cup 2012. In addition to the team players have trouble with hurt. The team ruled out the top three goalkeepers in the match. Two goalkeepers are injured and the third goalkeeper after being found guilty of doping are facing the restriction. Young Andrew Pyatov will bear the responsibility of the team's goalkeeper, who represented the country is still only 26.
The team relies too much on their experienced players Andrew Shevchenko, AC Milan while the former has 36 years of age and has lost its momentum. Shevchenko,

who has represented 108 times the country has assured the people still in the tournament the team will perform better.Things that are telling Eric Hmren Swedish team's offensive in the way of Ukraine will not be easy. Swedish team plays smart game, but after losing three goals in the friendly games, raising questions as to his defense. However coach has the questions aside. Forward line of the eye in the Serie - A tournament will be the highest scorer Jlatn Ibrahimovik. In addition, Ola Toivonen in the ranks of the opposition will continue to hover as a threat every time. Johan Elmander, who returned from injury in the team will take care of right flank

Mandjukik hero of Croatia's win

Croatia played a great game on Sunday, showing the group - other than C 3-1 victory in Ireland. Croatia's Mario Mandjukik strongly contributed to the victory in the match, scored two goals.Matches that were launched just three minutes, the captain Darijo Sarna Mandjukik header from the support of the goal gave his team the early lead. Mandjukik was rounded off by far the fastest goal in the tournament. The Ireland defender Sean St Ledger's 19th minute goal put his team on equal footing. Croatia striker from the 43th minute of the match Nikika Jelavik goal was his team 2-1 ahead. Nikika Mandjukik the goal a few minutes later the 48 th minute goal put Croatia ahead 3-1. Mandjukik support of the goals were headers.

 Mandjukik for that special first and last goal of the match.The first match of the day the euro and world champions Spain and former World Cup champion Italy match ended 1-1. Croatia's next match will be on Thursday from Italy.

Messi hat-trick, Argentina lost to Brazil

Star striker Leon Messi hat-trick from their arch-rivals Argentina beat Brazil 4-3 in a friendly match on the combination of the team is forced to think again. After two consecutive defeats Brazil's Olympic preparations are also raising questions.Young Brazilian team the match late Saturday night game in the 23rd minute lead on the team made Argentina experienced. Brazil, the Argentine defenders Romulo inclusively the first goal scored by the opposing team scores in the 31 th minute settled.

 Gonzalo Higuain of Argentina to the Brazilian captain Sandro Ckate on the next Messi took the ball inside the goalposts. Within three minutes the striker had another goal Argentina 2-1 lead. Brazil in the second half of the 56 th minute goal Dagkr return match put on equal footing. The Brazilian team took the lead Goalkeeper. Argentina's Federico Fernandes in the 75th minute goal leveled the score again Dagkr. The most spectacular goal of the match Messi. In the 84th minute Messi came running out of the penalty area and fired the winning goal brought the ball up the goalposts. In the Brazilian does not show any ability to stop them.

Italy held to Draw the World champions Spain

Current European and world champions Spain and former world champion Italy on Sunday was played between the Euro Cup 2012 match ended in a 1-1 draw. The two teams first match of the tournament.Before being considered the upper hand against Spain, but Italy's team at the start against the constant attacks made it clear that going to be easy. Spanish coach Vincent Fernando Torres's decision to launch the game in the first half has fallen flat. Italy's team played great and made several attacks on the Spanish side. Spain goalkeeper Iker Casilas captain in the first half are very busy. He failed to score in Italy has many easy opportunities. No team could not score in the first half, but made a 1-0 lead in the second half Italy Goalkeeper.

Andrea Pirlo's brilliant first goal of the match on the 61 th minute Ntale D'Antonio, who came on the field five minutes before Mario Baloteli place. Italy's team just did not do well was the goal celebration in Spain hit back three minutes later the score was 1-1. David Silva to score the beautiful pass by Fabregas on the case of a fault. The goal of many attempts by both teams, but was not successful and the fight eventually ended in a 1-1 draw. The two teams before the match - a point earned.