Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spain beat France 2-0

Spain, today Euro-2012 in the quarterfinals against France 2-0 to ensure its place in the semifinals beating. semifinal in Spain from Portugal ., both goals from Karim Samir jbi alonso., and stars like Frank riveri Nazarene booming adorned with a round of French team could not all efforts though.

Europe's two major teams in the first half of the match between Spain's perhaps. 19 minutes in Real Madrid's spectacular header by mid phildar jbi alonso using ball put into French and French team see the goalposts.

In the second half and also spectacular assault in 1998 due to the strong rakshapankti world champion Spain's World Cup winning French team in the second half on a penalty to heavy. fantastic round into his team's place in the semi-finals by alonson paved.

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